Head Priest of Temple Zuioji

Nakajima Kenzan

Head Priest of Temple Zuioji/Nakajima Kenzan


After obtaining B.A in Arabic from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, studied further at Beirut American University. Assumed managerial positions at JAPAN AIRLINES (JAL) overseas offices in Middle East and Europe for over 20 years, taking charge of 50 countries, and was called "Expert on the Middle East " As Cairo and Geneva Branch Managers, expanded sales by 5 and 3 times respectively. As Manager of Overseas Passenger Sales Dept.Tokyo Branch, achieved annual sales amounting to 80 billion yen, 1/4 of JAL's total sales, mainly through corporate marketing. Acquired skills in business managcment, personnel management of multinalional emplo yees, risk management during war and political unstability, planning and product development, sales and marketing through managerial experience. Possess broad personal relationships inside and outside of Japan. Challenging and proactive. Fluent in English, and sufficient Arabic for business communication.

  • Oct 1969

    ●Managed business in Middle East and South/East Africa with 26 subordinates, and maintained JAL's presence. Gained know-how on managing/maintaining overseas branch through such activities as sales, marketing, support of travel agencies and interline stratcgy building.
    ●Set annual sales objectives, planned/implemented strategies, supervised resujts and took responsibility for P/L.
    ●Expanded monthly sales by 5 times from US$200,00 to US$1 million over 5 years by introducing new products and providing support to local travel agencies, successfully recovering sales which had bean stagnant due to afuter-effect of Gulf War.
    ●After carefully observing internal overstaffing for 2 years, peaceably but drastically streamilined Branch by reducing 9 local and 1 Japanese staff through patien and repeated discussions and increasing sales with less employees.
    ●prcpared/introduced fair and easily understandable salary/bonus system and promotion by performance, and abolished unequality, successfully enhancing morale of local staff.
    ●Trainded and improved staff's sales/planning/management skills. Upgraded service level of local travel agencies by frequently providing guidance.

  • 1986

    ●Set annual sales objective, promoted advertisement/marketing/sales, suppoted local travel agencies and took responsibility for P/L.
    ●successfully harmonized competion and cooperation with other carriers when ticket sales were impossible without their cooperation due to JAL's off-line status in the area. Developed various new products of joint operation Actively promoted salese to various international organzations/institutions and Japanese enterprises operating Iocally.
    ●Through good knowledge of European irline market, strengthened such skills of staff as international viewpoint, product and fare knowledge, product development and advertisement, enabling active customer development.
    ●Increased monthly sales by 3 times through above efforts, from US$300,000 to $800,000, exceeding sales of upper branch (Zurich).
    ●Established unity among multinational employees(Swiss,French and Japanese)through fair personnel management and strengthened sales power as a group.
    ●Decreased staff from Japanese HQ and reduced costs by 20 million yen a year while increasing sales.

  • Sep 1982
  • Dec 1978
  • Jan 1976

    ●Managed 30 and 15 subordinates resupectively. Directed most important Dept. at Branch which had 70% share of JAL's total sales. Greatly contributed to business growth by achieving annual sales of 80 billion yen, through active promotion of corporate sales to large enterpriscs and various organizatjons as well as sales to individual travelers.
    ●Accumulated know-how on ovement of international passengers and proposed ideas for product development to planning Dept.

  • Dec 1971

    ●Managed whole middle east with 7 subordinates and directed branch including line development, implementation of sales strategy, placement and management of local staff, establishing position as "Expert on Middle East"
    ●Under shellfire in midst of political chaos, timely arranged escue flights for Japanese living locally and risked life for safe transport, acquiring risk management skills.
    ●Gained know-how on managing overseas branches including general administration, accounting and personnel management.

  • Oct 1969

    ●Understood passenger needs through all kinds of service experience.

  • Apr 1968

    ●Major construction company.

●Coordinated unjvcrsity construction project at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia from contracting to completion of work. Acqired working know-how under severe natural environment and unfamiliar  culture.

●Beirute American University, Geography and Culture Course Sep.1966-Jun.1967
●B.A.in Arabic, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies March 1965

Expertise in corporate marketing/sales.
Broad personal relationships all over the world.
Cross cultural understanding and communication.

Language: Fluent English and sufficient Arabic.

Egypt approx. 6years/Switzerland morethan 5years/Lebanon 4years
Kuwait approx 4years/Saudi Arabia 1and a half years

Born: September 9, 1937
Family:Wife, 2sons and 2daughters.
Hobbies:Swiming, golf,cycring